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petfessor CEO simon wu

Simon Wu

Founder, CEO

Our Story

The fascination of pet's supplies workspace

Hunan Petfessor Pet Supplies Co., Ltd is a one-stop pet supply solution expert with ISO 9001 certification and BSCI factory audit has been established in Huizhou city, and our monthly production capacity has reached more than 800,000 units, with a Steady, high-quality supply channel to ensure product quality and delivery timeliness.. We have been focusing on pet supplies for over 10 years with the innovative R&D team, professional consulting team, advanced manufacturing facility, strict QA & QC procedure, and fast shipping service.  


Simple、Easy、Hapiness、 Experience the easiness of intelligent technology。


Our designers, manufacturers, and brand managers help make the process incredibly simple.


Our Team is AMAZING and are committed to guiding you throughout our full service process.


To Expand Your Product Line Into The Pet Category

We are a full-service, turnkey pet product merchandising solution to help you design and create award-winning pet products.

We Design & Create The BEST Pet Products

Promote your brand to an often overlooked, lucrative, and loyal audience – The Pet Parent.

To Fulfill the Ideas From Injection Machines

Injection molding is a cost-effective option for producing high-quality plastic products in complex designs or high-volume production runs. Consider it for your manufacturing needs.

Automated Massive Production Capacity

Our substantial production capacity, experienced team, and commitment to excellence make us the best choice for your business needs.