At Petfessor,

we are proud to introduce our groundbreaking product that seamlessly combines intelligent feeding and watering, offering unmatched convenience for pet care businesses.

Our innovative 2-in-1 Smart Feeder & Waterer is designed to revolutionize the pet care industry, providing both practicality and advanced technology to enhance the well-being of pets and the profitability of businesses.

Key Features:

🌍 World’s First: This product uniquely combines feeding and watering in a single device, making it the first of its kind on the market.

πŸ” 20,000+ Times Tested: Our device has undergone rigorous testing to ensure smooth and reliable food dispensing, providing consistent performance.

πŸ“Ή Video Monitoring & Voice Interaction: With built-in video monitoring and voice interaction capabilities, pet owners and caretakers can keep an eye on pets and communicate with them anytime, offering peace of mind and enhanced engagement.

🌐 Supports 5g and 2.4g Networks: The device supports both 5g and 2.4g networks, ensuring seamless connectivity for real-time updates and remote control.

🍽️ Baby Food Grade Diamine Food Bowl: Made with baby food-grade materials, the food bowl ensures the highest safety standards for pets’ food, giving owners confidence in their pets’ health.

🐾 Bionic Ergonomic Design: Designed with a bionic ergonomic structure, the feeder protects pets’ spines by promoting a comfortable eating posture.

πŸ€– Intelligent Feeding: The intelligent feeding feature allows for remote control via a dedicated app, enabling precise feeding schedules and portions.

🧼 Deeply Removable & Washable: All components are easily removable and washable, ensuring thorough hygiene and ease of maintenance.

πŸ”’ Full Lid Sealing, Triple Locking Freshness: The triple locking mechanism ensures that food remains fresh for longer periods, maintaining optimal quality.

πŸ’‘ UV Germicidal Lamps: Equipped with UV germicidal lamps, the waterer ensures water safety by eliminating harmful bacteria, providing clean and safe drinking water for pets.

Why Choose Our 2-in-1 Smart Feeder and Waterer?

β‘  Expand Market Reach
Integrate our 2-in-1 Smart Feeder and Waterer into your product line to enter the rapidly growing pet care market. Our product meets pet owners’ demands for convenience and health, giving you a competitive edge.

β‘‘ Maximize Profitability

Our smart feeder and waterer attract a wide range of customers, from individual pet owners to large pet care institutions. Innovative design and reliable performance boost sales and customer retention, enhancing profitability.

β‘’ Enhance Pet Health
Our product improves overall pet health and well-being through consistent feeding and fresh water supply, combined with features like video monitoring and ergonomic design, ensuring pets receive the best care.

β‘£ Join the Pet Care Revolution
By adopting our 2-in-1 Smart Feeder and Waterer, your business can set new industry standards and lead in pet care innovation. The product offers unparalleled functionality and reliability, representing a significant advancement in pet care.

Transform your business and take advantage of this innovative solution to lead the future of pet care.

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