Shared life between people and pets: the main focus is on lifestyle and resource sharing between people and pets in the home, including pet home home furnishings, shared living supplies, pet travel; and

Pet-friendly environment: refers to pet-friendly social environment, acceptance and concern for pets, provision of pet-friendly facilities and services, etc., so that pets can enjoy a better social life with their owners, including pet-friendly shopping malls, pet restaurants, and pet parks; and

Elderly pet care: refers to the provision of better care services, healthcare products and services, etc. for elderly pets to meet the special needs of elderly pets, including aging supplies and services, pet funerals, and pet insurance; and

Intelligent Pet Devices: refers to the application of intelligent technology to improve the life and health of pets, help pet owners to better manage their pets’ health and life needs, and improve interaction and communication between pets and their owners, including intelligent cat litter boxes, intelligent feeders, intelligent water dispensers, and intelligent companion pet toys.

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