You might have seen adorable pictures of chubby pups and kittens online and thought they were cute. However, just like humans, overweight pets can face serious health issues. Extra weight can lead to internal problems, joint damage, diabetes, and heart conditions.

To check if your dog might be overweight, feel their ribs for excess fat, look for a visible waist from above, and check if their belly is tucked up when viewed from the side. For cats, feel their ribs, hip bones, and spine, ensure a visible waist from above, and watch for a small amount of fat on their belly.

Certain factors contribute to pet obesity, such as breed, age, neuter history, sex, and the owner’s habits. Being aware of your pet’s weight is crucial to avoid long-term health problems like decreased stamina, breathing difficulties, and immune system issues.

To keep your pet healthy, establish a daily exercise routine with walks or playtime. Also, control their food intake to prevent overfeeding. Petfessor’s Smart Pet Feeder is a helpful solution, allowing you to automate feeding schedules through a mobile app.

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