Pets have gradually become an important partner in human life. With the improvement of people’s living standards and the change of consumer attitudes, the demand for pet ownership has been growing, and the pet industry has shown a booming trend.  
The demand for the pet industry is somewhat unique because it involves two different kinds of consumers: pet owners and pets. Pet owners are the decision makers who purchase pet products and services, while pets are the “end users” who use these products and services.  
Under this model, on the one hand, the pet industry needs to provide high quality, safe, effective, comfortable, and fun products and services that fulfill the pets’ own needs and enhance their happiness and loyalty.  
On the other hand, the pet industry also needs to focus on the needs and preferences of pet owners, including saving time, money and energy, improving convenience, trust and satisfaction, as well as enhancing emotional connection and social identity. By balancing and harmonizing the interests of both types of consumers, the pet industry can create more value and competitive advantage.

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