When you combine practicality and aesthetics, you get our app-enabled Petfessor Smart Pet Feeder. This swanky pet feeder lets you automate feeding, keep food fresh, automate portions, and look good doing it! This smart pet feeder allows you to schedule meal times for your pets and immediately dispense their food, whether you are at home or traveling.

The product has a number of useful features; let’s dive into them:

Portion control

In order to ensure a healthy and balanced diet, choosing the right portion size your pet needs can do the trick. Our automatic pet feeder is what you need for dry kibble from 5 to 10 mm in size.

HD camera

If you are the pet parent that usually stays away from home and your furry friend, the HD pet cameras are exactly what will be a helping hand to you and help you keep that anxious mind at peace. The cameras for pets come in different sizes, at different prices, and with different features. You need to pick what best meets your needs and helps you keep an eye on your furkid. The basic ones come with HD quality and a nigh vision capability, but they are placed higher; you should rather go with the kind that lets you interact with your pet in order to ease their anxiety.

Interactive App-enabled feeding

The automatic app-enabled feeders are so convenient, they make cat owners’ jobs a whole lot easier. Now you can make your pet avoid licking your face or meowing when they want to wake you up for food. It seems like a pretty good investment when you have a busy schedule and you tend to forget to refill the bowl, or for pet owners who travel frequently.

Also, this is one of those devices that comes in handy when it comes to managing the dietary needs of the pet, especially when they have weight issues. However, not many know that pet feeders come with a camera that helps keep an eye on your pet’s behavior and eating habits. The recordings will give you enough information; all you need to do is connect the feeder to your WiFi and schedule with just a click from your phone.

Feeding statistics

The pet feeder allows you to keep track of your pet’s diet on a daily or weekly basis, the feeding statistics let you do that.

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