Petfessor Smart Pet Fountain


When you are away from home, you don’t need to worry about your furry family members, as Smart Pet Fountain is always there to take care of them back at home. It not only quenches your furry friend’s thirst, but it also keeps you connected with your pet.

Features of the smart pet fountain

Scheduled drinking times

If you are worried that your pet may not be getting enough drinking water, you can schedule their drinking time and portions for them while you are away. With our smart pet fountain, you can rest assured that the water is always flowing at the push of a button.

Push Notifications

Our smart pet fountain has the feature of getting you notified anywhere, anytime, on your smartphone. It updates you when it’s time for your furry friend to get hydrated. Push notifications also allow you to keep track of the water level when it’s empty.

UV Filtration system

The UV light in the pet fountain ensures that the fountain is disinfected to keep the flow of water clean and healthy. It is very simple and effective.

In Conclusion

These are the products that act like saviors in any pet owner’s life. At Petfessor, it is our core value to improve the lives of pets and their pet parents. It had come to our attention that there was a lack of such innovative products in the North American market, and hence, , we have continued to curate and improve experiences between pet parents and pets, making their overall lives much easier.

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