Petfessor Smart Cat Litter Box

Our smart cat litter box comes with an odor control option to make everything easier. This smart litter box also allows you to schedule scooping, cleaning, and deodorizing from the convenience of your smartphone, integrate the product with Tuya app, Its safety sensors make these self-cleaning boxes compatible with all kinds of litter and are also ultra-quiet and safe.

Features of the smart litter box

Odor control

Petfessor smart litter boxes have an effective air purification system. The odor eliminator eradicates the odor completely by removing odor producing molecules.


Smart litter boxes are self-cleaning. They are compatible with all kinds of litter, so you don’t need to change your pet’s litter habits.

Safety sensors

Our cat litter comes with attached safety sensors near the entrance in order to make sure that your pet is safe while they are inside. The infrared sensor inside will help you detect your pet within 50 cm of the litter box’s opening. The litter box will immediately stop working  when some foreign matter comes into contact with it during scooping.


Our Petfessor smart litter box is pretty quiet when working at 47 dB, and it is so compact that you can fit it anywhere in the house.

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