Australia is witnessing a notable increase in pet ownership,

with dogs being found in almost half of all households (48%). This equates to an estimated 6.4 million pet dogs nationwide. While dog-owning households typically have 1.3 dogs on average, the vast majority (75%) have only one dog, and most of the remainder (21%) have two dogs.

Pandemic Impact on Dog Acquisition
Since the onset of the pandemic, there has been a significant surge in the acquisition of pet dogs. According to recent data, 37% of dogs were acquired during the pandemic period. This trend highlights the growing emotional connection and companionship that pets offer, especially during challenging times.

Increasing Importance of Pets:
With the increasing number of pets, people are spending more on their beloved animals. This rise in spending levels reflects the improving status of pets in people’s minds. Pets are no longer just animals; they are considered family members. This shift in perception has led to a higher demand for quality pet products and services.

Trends in Dog Breeds
Small dogs (weighing up to 10kg) make up a significant portion (43%) of the dog population. The popularity of mixed breed and designer breed dogs is on the rise, showing a shift in preferences among pet owners. Compared to 2019, more dogs are now taken out for local walks, to parks and beaches, to visit friends and family, and even on holidays. This indicates a more inclusive lifestyle where pets are integral to daily activities and special occasions.

Growth of the Smart Pet Products Market:
The evolving status of pets has directly influenced the growth of the smart pet products market. As pet owners seek better ways to care for their furry friends, the demand for intelligent and innovative pet products has surged. From automated feeders to smart collars, these products are designed to enhance the quality of life for pets and their owners.

The market for smart pet products in Australia is gradually expanding, driven by the increasing number of pets and the rising status of pets as cherished family members. As pet owners continue to prioritize their pets’ well-being, the demand for advanced pet care products will only grow. Join us in embracing this new era of smart pet care and explore the innovative solutions we offer.

Let’s create a smarter future for our pets together!

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