Global pet family scale gradually expanding, Petfessor data show that in 2022, the proportion of global pet family has reached 68%, with the expansion of the scale of pet ownership has led to the growth of the number of pets, and gave birth to the pet smart supplies industry, young people have become the new pet consumption of the “main force”, 70% of the pet owners for the sake of Convenience is willing to buy higher-priced pet smart supplies, which in turn stimulates the development of the pet smart supplies market. At present, the mainstream categories of pet smart supplies are: pet smart feeder, pet smart water dispenser and pet smart cat litter box, Petfessor data show that since 22 years, the turnover of pet smart supplies increased by 152% year-on-year. As the younger generation becomes the main force of pet ownership, the role of pets and the concept of pet ownership has been transformed, and they pursue healthy and scientific pet ownership, hoping to give pets a better material and spiritual life. Pet owners’ consumption concepts are upgraded towards quality, and refined pet care drives pet food towards scientific and high-end development. Intelligent pet robot and health monitoring products may become a new trend in the consumption of pet smart supplies. 

Pets are expensive to see a doctor has been a major pain point for pet owners. Expanding the health monitoring function of the pet intelligent products can be detected daily pet health data, abnormal data timely reminder of the pet owner, at any time to grasp the pet’s physical condition, effectively solve the problem of pets sick found not timely.

Petfessor’s smart supplies series can effectively solve these problems, our smart supplies can be realized with Tuya APP series all control, to do one-stop pet health tracking report; our new smart cat litter box can not only facilitate the pet owner to clean up the feces, but also real-time monitoring of the pet’s defecation situation and time of defecation, abnormalities will be promptly reminded of the owner’s attention on the APP. Choose Petfessor, so you no longer worry about your pet’s health!

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