Product Information:
Color: White/customized colors
Material: ABS + PP

Big capacity: 65L
Container capacity: 12L
Best cat litter capacity: 5L

🛠 Power Supply Mode: Plug-in (includes 12V2A power supply)
🛠 Product Size: 59.7259.7264.37 cm
🛠 Standard Accessories: 1 deodorant block + 1 roll (15 pcs) plastic bag

Product Advantages:

✨ 3 Cleaning Methods: Manual, automatic, regular cleaning – free your hands completely!
✨ One-Button Dumping Cat Litter: Easy sand replacement and cleaning.
✨ App Remote Control: Unlock, clean, and monitor in real-time!
✨ Display of Cat Toilet Data: Track toilet frequency and duration.
✨ Reminder Function: Alerts for sand bin cleaning, deodorizing block replacement, and stool bin clearing.
✨ Work Records: Keep track of cleaning, cat approach, and toilet records, plus failure records.
✨ Multiple Safety Protections: Intelligent rotation prevents pinching your cat during use.

🔧 Embrace convenience and cleanliness with our innovative Smart Litter Box. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to smart cat care! 🚀🐱

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